My Garden is GROWING!

I’m so excited! I went outside today and walked past my garden (my very FIRST garden), and it’s growing! I see potatoes and onions coming up! The mean little bunnies ate my cantaloupe right after it started coming out of the ground…….and I think they ate some of my bell peppers too. But at least my potatoes and onions are growing! I’m so excited! I DID IT! I planted something, and it didn’t die!!! Woo Hoo!!! SOME of my flowers are growing too! I need to take some pictures soon!!!!!


Knowledge Box Knews 4-6-09

As you know…..we are trying to change our newsletter service over to THIS one.  Well, I thought that this would be a fairly simple process.  Just upload all of the email addresses to the new service…and VOILA!  Right?  WRONG!  This process is truly making me nuts.  This new newsletter service is going to be great…SOMEDAY…but right now, it’s giving me a pain in a very private place.

As I import the email addresses, I keep getting messages that some of the email addresses are no longer valid…and I understand that this may be the case if someone has changed her email address and not let me know (SHAME, SHAME, SHAME).  However, if just a few email addresses in the list are no good, then this service spits out ALL of the addresses, even if the majority of them are good!  I mean…that would be like me eating a chocolate bar with almonds….not liking the almonds….and spitting out the entire chocolate bar instead of just the almonds…right???  That would be crazy!

So…..that leads me to my offer to YOU.  I’m still daily adding the email addresses…and will hopefully have this all ironed out soon……but in the mean time, I need your help. I need to try to get people signed up for the newsletter on our new service.  We have so far lost about 10,000 subscribers during this process….mostly because they haven’t been able to receive the email, letting them know that they need to re-sign up for the newsletter.

If you are a member of an egroup of some kind…or just have a bunch of friends in your address book….I’m asking you to send them an email, telling them about Knowledge Box Central and encouraging them to sign up for our newsletter on the front page of our website.  IF you will FORWARD a copy of that email to me at, I will then send you a code for a $10.00 gift certificate to use on our website!  That’s simple, right???

So please consider helping us out with this!

Obviously, I’ve got to figure out how to use this new newsletter service…this one isn’t very pretty…. but there is hope…

Also, check out our NEW products: Mini-Lapbooks (TM) !!    The 25% off code still works…and you can use it on these as well! (It’s Mouse25)

Here are some pics of the new Mini-Lapbooks (TM):

ancegyptmini ancgreecemini

ancromemini ussymbolsminilap


Cyndi Kinney, R.N., Ed. D.

Knowledge Box Central

Time For Crafts

I just LOVE doing crafts!  Little pieces of paper, sticky glue, shiney sequins, and scraps of materials just make me feel all warm and tingly inside!  The problem is that I have SO many projects started…and none of them finished!  Scrapbooking, Quilting, Sewing………….I want to do them all…ALL the time.  Why do I have to cook, clean, drive, teach, and write?  Why can’t I just do crafts all day!  Oh well…..maybe someday….  In the mean time, I’m trying to force myself to take a few hours each week to work on one of my projects and walk away from the other things.  I’ll post pics of my projects when I get one of them closer to complete!