Blogger Butt

Ok…so I was supposed to start my diet yesterday (Monday).  However, the diet I was going to start was Sugar Busters.  I have many VERY good and VALID reasons why I cannot start my diet yet….

1.  I still have too many carbs and sugar products in my house, and I need to eat them all before I start the diet so that I won’t be tempted to eat them.

2.  The new foods that I can have are expensive, and I don’t have extra money til next week.

3.  My treadmill has dust on it, and I need to get it cleaned up first.

4.  I’m building up my “blogger butt” so that I have a nice cushion to sit on.

5.  I don’t have any “skinny clothes” to wear if I were to lose some weight.

6.  My hubby’s birthday is this Thursday, and I want to take him out to a good dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse.  I don’t want to offend him by  not eating any of his bday cake (New York Cheesecake with White Chocolate Sauce).

7.  Maybe I’d rather be “fat and happy” instead of “skinny and hungry.”

Oh well…..none of those excuses really seem to fly….  I’ll start next Monday.  Meanwhile, my blogger butt is ever-expanding.


Spring Fever

hsburnoutlady THIS is ME today!!!

OMG! Does anyone else have Spring Fever? I don’t want to do school!!!!! I’m TIRED of school!!! My daughter feels the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAJOR BURNOUT!!!

We have an audio on our website, and it’s one that I did at a seminar. Well, the title of it is “Homeschool Burnout: How to Recognize, Deal With, and Prevent It.” Obviously, I’m not practicing what I was preaching…………cuz I’m BURNED OUT!!!!!!!

I gotta go listen to myself on the audio again……….I need HELP! Maybe I need a vacation….like by MYSELF…with NOBODY else…and NO phone……