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Help Your Kids Love History With Biographies

Growing up, History was my least favorite subject.  In fact, if you had asked me then, I would have said, “History is BORING!”  However, today it is my FAVORITE subject, and it was my homeschooled daughter’s as well!

So how did we go from hating History to LOVING it?  By truly immersing ourselves into the lives of historical figures, but NOT through textbooks.  We used many methods, but  one of our favorites was using historical biographies and lapbooks.


Historical biographies give your child an inside and behind the scenes look at some of the most amazing people from the past!  Your student will get to know these inspiring men and women as REAL people.  When students learn about the families, jobs, and struggles of individuals in history, they get excited about learning.  They see that these people were JUST like them, not just some story in a textbook.  Also, historical biographies are fantastic way for your student to get a real feel for the period in history you are studying.  They bring you closer to the topic and give you a better understanding of why some historical events even happened!

History textbooks are full of facts and dates, but the REAL stories are in the biographies of these men and women.  You may still use a textbook as a “spine” so that you keep your studies in chronological order if you wish. As you come to different names in that textbook, take time to explore a few of them.


We all know that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but did you know that he created his own newspaper when he was 15 years old, and that was during the Civil War!  Did you know that Henry Ford was hired by Thomas Edison as an engineer at Edison Illuminating Company?  Without having read biographies on each of these men, I would have never known they were even connected… and certainly wouldn’t have realized their place in the timeline of history.

With MLK Day fast approaching, this would be a great opportunity to dive into biographies by exploring this great man who helped shape our nation.  Check out our Lapbook with a complete Study Guide to help you complete a hands-on project on Martin Luther King Jr.


You can add another degree of FUN to your history studies by creating Lapbooks about these historical figures. Buckle up and get ready for a FUN ride through History, and watch your students go from dreading it to ASKING for it!

Please check out our Historical Biography Lapbooks available on our website.  We currently have them for Martin Luther King Jr, Daniel Boone, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, Christopher Columbus, William Shakespeare, Amelia Earhart, King Tutankhamun, and Pocahontas.  We also have many on the American Presidents!  Many more are in the works!

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