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We are growing and GROWING at Knowledge Box Central.  We are looking for some people who want to help us with that! Below, I’ll list a few opportunities!  If you are interested, please email me at Cyndi@KnowledgeBoxCentral.com and let me know!

1.  Link Exchange:  You post a link to our website (our logo) on your blog or website, and we list your blog or website on our “Favorites” page that we are creating.

2.  Review/Free Ebook:  You post a review of one of our products on your blog or website, and we will link to it AND give you the ebook you are reviewing for FREE.

3.  Writers Needed:  If you have ever written/designed ANYTHING for educational purposes – worksheets, unit studies, lapbooks, copywork, preschool activities, graphic organizers, etc. – we would be interested in talking to you about publishing your work!  We would include your name as the author and pay you a royalty on all sales of that work.

4.  Giveaways:  Do you have a blog, newsletter, or website and would like to offer your readers/subscribers a freebie?  We would love to provide that freebie OR a product for a giveaway!

Any of these sound interesting?  Well let us know!  We would love to work with you on any of these options.

Happy Lapbooking!

Cyndi Kinney


Opportunities With Knowledge Box Central — 4 Comments

  1. I have a few things on. Currclick under Lunabelle Publishing that people have purchased. I am finally working on some more materials :) Previous to homeschooling, I would write, as well as. Proofread protocols, Informed Consentd, etc for the oncology studies that I worked on.

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