Writing & Income Opportunities With Knowledge Box Central

At Knowledge Box Central, we are growing by leaps and bounds! That means that we have several new income opportunities for YOU!


We are looking for several people who love to write and have a passion for home education. We will consider Moms, Dads, and high school students. ALL individuals would be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as well as another agreement that specifies tasks to be completed and compensation. We will NOT consider ANYONE who works for or has any affiliation with any other homeschool/education company that might be considered a competitor or a magazine. I will list the specifics of the opportunities below.

***OPPORTUNITY #1: Study Guide Writers for topics such as individual animals, inventors, artists, insects, historical events, composers, etc.
*These individuals would research an assigned topic(s) and write a 7-15 page “Study Guide” that would go along with a Lapbook designed by one of our current Knowledge Box Central staff members.
*Writers would be paid $25-50 per Study Guide, depending on the topic, research done, and # of pages.
*Study Guides would be OWNED by Knowledge Box Central, but the writer’s name would be included/credited within the product.
*Opportunity is open-ended, with multiple Study Guides possible for each individual.

***OPPORTUNITY #2: Adobe InDesign Expert
*We have a HUGE project that we need help on. We are converting some of our LARGEST products into an interactive format, and this individual would assist with this.
*REQUIRED to have extensive knowledge of and experience with Adobe InDesign ~ preferred that this individual already owns the software.
*This person’s name would be included on the cover of the products as a co-author, and he or she would be paid a 10% royalty (same as what we currently pay our largest contributors) on all sales of these products as long as Knowledge Box Central publishes and sells the products.
*Products would be OWNED by Knowledge Box Central.
*This person would have to commit to the ENTIRE project before beginning.
*In exchange for the future royalties, this individual would have to agree to future support, should the products need to be revised in the future.

***OPPORTUNITY #3: Study Guide Writer & Lapbook Designer COMBO
*These individuals would write the Study Guides (as in Opportunity #1) AND design the Lapbooks to go along with them using Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign.
*These people would have their names included as authors on the covers of the products.
*Products would be OWNED by Knowledge Box Central.
*Royalty of 10% would be paid as long as Knowledge Box Central publishes and sells the products.

If any of these opportunities sound like something you would be interested in, then we would love to see a sample of your writing. We chose a random topic for these samples ~ “Owls” ~ Please email Cyndi (Cyndi@KnowledgeBoxCentral.com) and include at least 1 page on the topic of OWLS. Yes, I know – strange, random topic ~ LOL. This is just so we can get an idea of your writing style and ability. Cyndi and the editing team will evaluate the research and organization of the samples individually. Please write in a conversational manner, directed toward an elementary level student. If you want your sample to be longer, that is fine. We know you can’t cover the entire topic in 1 page… but it will be a good start to showing us what you can do!


We are looking forward to adding a few of you to our team!



Writing & Income Opportunities With Knowledge Box Central — 11 Comments

  1. I would love to send you a sample. But before I do, I’d better ask–I teach high school for Freedom Project Education’s online school. I also freelance and have written for The Old Schoolhouse. Would these be considered your competitors?

  2. I didn’t realize you were a Louisiana girl! I love your products for Apologia for my girls. My oldest is about to start using the chemistry notebook/lap book.

    I’m definitely interested in applying as I want to be a writer in this second half of my life:)

    I live in Florida now but boy, do I miss good food!

    Thank you,


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