New Contest ~ Picture in a BOX

OK – so I know we have some pretty weird and wacky contests here at Knowledge Box Central ~ but at least we aren’t boring, right?!?

You may or may not know that June 29th is National Camera Day! Exciting, right?  Well, we figure that everyone likes to use the camera, so why not create a contest around it?  Of course, we couldn’t just say, “Take a picture.”  That would just not be weird enough for us!  So, we tried to come up with something unusual to have you take pictures of for this contest….. Want to know what we came up with?

Well… since we are Knowledge BOX Central, we thought it would be fun to have you send in pictures of YOU IN A BOX! Just get in a box in some really strange place that you wouldn’t usually be in a box (as if you would be IN A BOX anywhere, right?) and send it to us!  Here are a couple of pictures of ME in a box! In the first one, I’m in a box on our dock, and I’m fishing!  In the second one, I’m in a box, on a raft, with my dog (Maggie), in our pond, and I’m fishing!  I tried to take one of me IN A BOX and ON my horse – but that didn’t end well!

Cyndi in a BOX on the dock ~ fishing ~

Cyndi - in a BOX - on the pond - fishing - with Maggie !

Send your photos to me ( by Camera Day, June 29th!  We will announce the winners in our newsletter on Monday, July 2nd.  Winners will be chosen based on originality and creativity – so GET CREATIVE! 

We will choose 2 winners, who will each receive a $15 Gift Certificate to our website, Knowledge Box Central!  You may enter as a family or individually ~ whatever you choose! 

So, go out and get IN A BOX!  Hurry! Where will YOU be IN A BOX? Maybe at the park? In a tree? On a boat? On the roof? Possibilities are ENDLESS!  I can’t wait to see how creative you can be!

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