What is a Lapbook?

I have had this question asked recently and wanted to see if I could explain a bit more.   I’ll also explain what makes OUR lapbooks different. (Also – please note that we have reduced the prices on all of our single ebook lapbooks to $5.00!)

Lapbooking is a proven method of enhancing, creating and displaying a summary of what a student is learning and has accomplished during a particular unit of study. Technically, it’s nothing more than some folders and paper booklets (but arranged and folded in unique ways that correlate to the subject)!  The first time I saw one, it reminded me of the old “pop-up” books from my childhood!  These may include maps, vocabulary, creative writing, coloring/drawing, questions & answers, graphic organizers, and more.

Knowledge Box Central’s Lapbooks are VERY different than others on the market.  This is because Cyndi Kinney has applied the science behind “Color Psychology” and shape recognition to these products.
Each color has a psychological value, and these are used to help your student to improve his information retention.  We have seen amazing results in studies where we have used these techniques, and you can see the same results within your own homeschool.

Here are some links to 3 different videos that will help also.  The first one shows pictures of lots of completed lapbooks so that you can see how yours can look.  The second one is of me showing you how to assemble a lapbook base.  The third is a video of me telling you and showing you some of the things that make our lapbooks unique.  Enjoy!  If you have questions, please feel free to comment below!

** Video #1:  Assembled Lapbooks

** Video #2: Creating a Lapbook Base

** Video #3:  What Makes Knowledge Box Central Lapbooks Unique







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