Reduced Prices ~ $5.00 Lapbooks ~ REALLY!

Have you ever wondered why companies charge so much for ebooks?  They are electronic and require no printing or shipping, so why should you pay so much for them?
Has this ever crossed your mind?

Especially in today’s economy, it seems that electronic curriculum would be much more cost-effective, right?  But most companies are charging high prices for ebooks, and you end up spending almost as much as you would have if you had purchased their printed curriculum.

We, at Knowledge Box Central, have decided that we can change this.
What if you NEVER had to pay more than $5.00 for an individual lapbook ebook again? 

Is that even possible?  Well, guess what?  It is.

We can promise you that you will ALWAYS be able to afford quality educational products

WITHOUT going into debt.

ANNOUNCING $5.00 Lapbook Ebooks
~ All of our single Lapbooks have been permanently reduced to only $5.00.  Packages, Timeline, and Apologia Lapbook Journal ebooks have been permanently reduced to $10.00.
No coupons are needed!

Are we changing the quality?  No ~ You will still get the same innovative Lapbooks that are designed using Color Psychology techniques that will improve your child’s information retention.

Are we still going to have products that correspond with Apologia and Fulbright curriculum?  Yes.

Nothing will change except the price.  Nothing.

Why are we doing this?  Because we feel the crunch of this economic time just as much as you do, and we want to support the homeschool community by making high quality products affordable to EVERYONE.

We will still have our products available in CD, Printed, and Assembled formats available through most curriculum vendors (and soon on our website) ~ and those will be at regular prices because we do have to pay our printer, assemblers, and shipping.

However, if electronic files are what you are looking for, then look no further than
Knowledge Box Central, the HOME of the $5.00 Lapbook.

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