Gotta Love My Mom

Ok… so it’s Mother’s Day ~ and I love her tons ~ and I truly do believe that she is one of the smartest women I know.  HOWEVER, she had a blonde moment yesterday…. and I just have to share. 

My cousin, Terry, was chatting with my mom’s sister, Shelia.  Somehow the subject of cleaning their ovens came up.  Shelia told Terry that her oven was “self-cleaning” and that it cleaned itself all the time.  Terry, confused by this, told Shelia that she had to push the button to tell it to clean.  Shelia informed Terry that this was surely not true because her sister, Judy (my mom), said so.  Shelia told Terry that Judy told her that the oven cleans itself all the time, on its own, with no button-pushing necessary. 

Terry just couldn’t believe that Mom had really told Shelia that.  So, Terry decided to find out for herself and to ask Mom about it.  Lo and behold, Shelia was right.  Mom confessed that she really did NOT know that there was a button that she had to push on the oven to make it clean itself….she had believed for all of these years that “self cleaning” ovens just cleaned themselves continuously. 

So, this is a public service announcement ~ “Self-Cleaning Ovens” are NOT magical….. UNLESS you push the button (or flip the lever, in my oven’s case) and tell them to be!  LOL

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