Grandmothers Are Special

On Mother’s Day, we always talk about our moms… naturally, right?  I love mine dearly….and see her all the time….and I know that I am truly blessed to have my mom here.   She absolutely is my best friend.  I’m grateful that my daughter has really had some amazing times with her as well, and they are so very close.

Me & My Beautiful Mom

This got me to thinking about my grandmothers….and how I had a special relationship with each one when I was young.  I wish so much that my daughter could have known them.  I have gone through and shown her pictures, but the pictures don’t really tell the stories of my heart.  

The ladies on our team here at Knowledge Box Central and I would like to share with you some of our memories of our grandmothers.  Please enjoy them, and PLEASE consider leaving us a comment with a favorite memory of your own grandmother.


Cyndi Kinney, Knowledge Box Central Owner:  One of my favorite memories about my Grandma Allen is of her cookies.  LOL ~ She always wore an apron.  In fact, I don’t think I have any memories of her without the apron.  What made the apron so special was that she always had cookies in the pockets.  Each time she would see me, she would motion for me to come over, and she would let me reach into her apron pocket and take out a cookie.  These were the most delicious cookies in the world, mainly because they came from her.  These were our special cookies, made just for me.  I would give almost anything to have one of those cookies right now.

Pam Sutton, Operations Manager:  One of my fondest childhood memories was each summer my cousin and I would always get to spend one week at our Granny’s house.  She spoiled us terribly by always buying our favorite breakfast cereal and snacks and having new books and toys for us to play with while we were visiting.  I vividly remember one such summer when she bought each of us a tiny baby doll wrapped in a blanket.  One baby doll had a pink blanket, the other one had a green blanket.  Of course, both of us wanted the baby doll with the pink blanket, because that meant it was a girl baby doll. And neither of us wanted the baby doll with the green blanket because in our 7yr old minds, the color of green represented all the things we didn’t like, broccoli, frogs, boogers,,, well, you get the picture.  Anyway, my cousin being the oldest, she bullied,, or,, umm,  rather, she firmly convinced me to take the baby doll with the green blanket. Naturally, the pouting ensued, that is until my Granny, in her gentle way told me her favorite color was green and the reason why. She told me that green represents the color of nature and the majestic beauty of ALL that God created. I never knew for certain if green was truly her favorite color, or if she was just trying to pacify my hurt feelings, but to this day my favorite color is green.

Candie Donner, Marketing Manager & Writer:  I have so many wonderful memories about my grandmother! She was a wealth of knowledge and taught me so much about being a wife, mother. daughter and homemaker. She was definitely not your typical bridge playing, blanket knitting, cookie making grandmother but she was so amazing. She taught me all about being real to who I was, living frugally and enjoying life to the fullest! My only regret is not seeing the importance in some of the things she taught me until she was already gone. If I could do it all over again I would sit and listen to her for hours, just soaking it all up and taking it all in!

Kim Smith, Financial Manager:  My Grandmother (Granny) was 94 years old when she passed away 4 years ago. She was a saint, she was a faithful woman of God and served in the church all of her life. This wonderful woman taught us not only ABOUT God, but about how to serve Him. Not just to ‘believe’ but to have faith in Him and have a relationship with Him. Granny was an awesome cook, owned some restaurants of her own throughout her life, and taught me a lot about that, too. Most of all, she taught me through the way she lived her life to be accepting of others, to be self-disciplined about work and to give above and beyond, that family is so important because it’s really all you’ve got here, and above all, to serve God.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our grandmothers, and we also hope that you will comment below with a story about your own.  Let’s remember them this Mother’s Day and everyday.

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