Headed to Roswell, NM

Well, today is the day that we leave Ug the pig behind ~ LOL.  We are going to drive to Roswell, New Mexico today and probably spend the night.  Then, it’s time to head back home to Louisiana.  We have really enjoyed getting to see different parts of New Mexico on this trip, and we have totally enjoyed getting to see my husband’s family.  I can’t say so much for the pig… but…. oh well.  LOL.  Here are a few pictures from this trip’s adventures so far:

This was a stream along the side of the road, going up the mountain to Taos, NM:

This was my husband at an Earthship house that we toured in Taos, NM:

The Gorge at the Rio Grande River – near Taos, NM:

Between Taos and Santa Fe, NM:

Santa Fe, NM:

Albuquerque, NM

Ug the pot-bellied piggy

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