Weight Loss Update

One of our customers emailed me recently and told me that she had noticed in my pictures on Facebook that I had lost weight and asked me to share about it.  So….. here I go!

Over the years of writing this newsletter, you’ve seen me say several times that I was going to get in better shape, take better care of myself, start eating better, lose weight, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Well, every single time I said that, I tried.  I really did.  Sometimes I even succeeded for a few months.  However, THIS time…. WOW!  I feel better than I have EVER felt in my life.  And I did NOT go on a diet.  All I did was start listening to my body.  Sounds weird, right?  I started really evaluating how certain foods made me feel when I ate them.  I also started noticing when I was full and not continuing to eat if I didn’t really feel hungry.  Sounds too simple, right?  It turns out that I really do enjoy more fruits and veggies than I even knew!  I’ll be posting more later…. but wanted to share before and after pictures.  Now, I’m NOT done…. still have some weight to lose….. but I am so excited about the progress!

Want to see some BEFORE and NOW pictures?    Remember that I’m only 4’10″ tall!  Here I am with my mom at 188 pounds:

And here I am with mom at 148 pounds a couple of weeks ago:

It’s so exciting to see the difference that 40 pounds makes!  I have about 20-25 pounds to go, but I know I can do it this time ~ and KEEP it off!  I’ll keep you posted!

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