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Many of you know that I have been struggling with my weight for years.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers (worked for a while, but I couldn’t stick to it very well when I traveled), Adkins, and a bunch of others.

Also, I did not grow up eating any veggies, and I ate very few fruits.  So, I have had a HUGE aversion to ANYTHING green – except M & M’s and jelly beans, of course :) .  After doing a lot of research, my husband and I realized that we really HAD to add fruits and veggies to our diets if we wanted to be healthy.  But it was going to be a challenge for me for SURE!

So, what did we do?  We changed what we were eating, changed what we were drinking, added food grade hydrogen peroxide (more below), and added Super Foods (more below).

Since I didn’t like any veggies, I started with lots of fruit smoothies.  I use juice that is ONLY 100% from concentrate, frozen or fresh fruit, and ice (also add a little organic sugar if it’s fresh fruit) – grind it up in a blender or juicer – and make yummy smoothies.  One thing that I did to add green leaves to my diet (spinach usually) was to add a few leaves to the smoothie.  I know it sounds gross – spinach in a fruit smoothie – but you can’t taste it at all – I promise!!!  It changes the color to green, but the flavor doesn’t change.  I drink those a LOT – like usually for lunch at least, and then sometimes for a snack or for breakfast.

We also discovered a love for sweet potatoes!!  I’ve tried them before and didn’t like them.  I don’t know if the difference now is my attitude or what, but I like them.  Now, I have only had them a few ways – so I’m still taking baby steps.  I love eating them fried in extra virgin olive oil – just like regular french fries.  They are still VERY good for you – even though they are fried.  I have a friend who made a soup using them – and I love soups.   She took the sweet potatoes and boiled them and then put them in the blender with some other veggies – then added in some almond milk and chicken stock – I’m honestly not sure what all she put in there…I’ll have to check with her and see – but it was an amazing soup – with no chunks of veggies (since I have an issue with the textures).

Last night, I made a wonderful soup!  I started with chicken broth – added regular potatoes cut into little pieces.  I let the potatoes get soft and then added a can of rotel tomatoes (which I had ground up in the blender because of the texture for me).  Then, I added a can of ranch style beans (I ground them up in the blender because I have texture issues – but my husband prefers the whole beans).  Then I added a can of creamed corn.  It was SO good – wonderful flavors that go well together.

IMPORTANT: This is probably one of the most important parts of our new diet/lifestyle.  We added 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to our diets.  Here is a link to read about it:  http://www.educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml A lot of people will tell you that you should NOT ever ingest hydrogen peroxide – but we chose to believe the ones who said it was beneficial.  This does a detox on your body – cleanses it all out!  We started with 3 drops in juice 3 times per day. The next day, we went to 4 drops, the next 5, and so on.  We will do that until we get to 25 drops 3 times per day.  Then we will back off to whatever amount feels best.  This has really been making me feel better – I just know it.  Try it, and you will see!!!

Another thing is that we have been trying to add “Super Foods” to our diet.  The one that we have been using so far is called Spirulina.  It’s a blue-green algae that has more nutrients in it than just about anything on the planet.  It comes in lots of forms, but because I am such a weenie, we are using the tablets for now.  We did have some smoothies that had the spirulina powder added to them, but I didn’t like the flavor – so I opted for the tablets.

Stay tuned, because I am going to post some other Super Foods and also give you some great recipes!!!

Ok… so I’m going to step out and be very vulnerable – I started at 182 pounds several months ago.  On my own, I lost down to 175 over about 5 months – not very good, huh?  Well, since starting this only 12-13 days ago, I am now down to 163 pounds – that’s 12 pounds down in 12 days!!!  I know that it will taper down to where I’m only losing a couple of pounds a week, eventually – but right now, I’m thrilled with the progress.  And I feel better than I have felt in years!!!

More to come!!!

Cyndi Kinney

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