Horse Power – NOT!

Ok… so I live in the country…. right?  Well, that means animals, dirt, water, all the usual stuff…

This morning, I got up to find the donkey was outside the fence AGAIN.  I’ve been trying to figure out where he keeps getting out.  I’ve pulled ropes  between areas I think he might could squeeze through…. put boards over holes…. the works.  But he is out again.  So, I am now sitting, waiting for him to get out, and I’m going to try to catch him this time.  Well… in the process of getting him back into the fence, I used the golf cart (NO… we do NOT golf – lol) to go to the other side of the pond to round the horses up.  Well, the creek that flows into the pond is up, and I couldn’t get across it in the golf cart.  So, being the genius that I am, I found an old piece of plywood, strapped it to the top of the golf cart, and headed off to lay it over the creek to make me and my golf cart a bridge.  I got over the pond great, rounded up the horses…. and they headed back over to the stalls.  Now it was time to get back across the creek on my wonderful new bridge.  As soon as the front tires hit the “bridge” the board cracked, and the 2 back wheels followed along behind and buried themselves in the creek.

I put something about it on Facebook, and a really smart lady suggested that I try using horsepower to get the golf cart “unstuck.”  What a great idea!  Especially since our 4WD truck is getting fixed TOMORROW and the 4-wheeler needs a new head gasket and so we don’t have any 4WD equipment to pull me out.  So, watch out Tonka, you’re going to work, right?  Tonka is a big draft horse.  He should be able to do the job.  Right?  Well, I got a rope and tied Tonka to the cart… and waited…. but nothing happened.  So, I pulled on Tonka’s lead rope and made all of those silly noises that you make when you want a horse to “giddy up.”  He was NOT interested in giddying… at all.  He just looked at me like I had 4 heads or something.  He was very confused.  He is not having it.

So…. not my golf cart sits stuck in the creek until my hubby gets home and fixes the truck or the 4-wheeler.  And NOT it is starting to rain.  Wow.  Really?  I think the goats were more interested in helping than Tonka!

Just another day of life in the country, I guess…

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