Seminar on Color Psychology

I’m excited to tell you about a 2-part seminar I’m doing!  It’s with the Ultimate Homeschool Expo.  The BIG event is going to be in May, but we are doing “Preview Chats” starting right away!  The “Preview Chats” are absolutely FREE!  Part 1 of my seminar will be one of the “Preview Chats,” and part 2 will be part of the Expo in May.  Feel free to join us for part 1 this Thursday at 2:00 pm EST/1:00 pm  CST!

Click the logo below to join the FREE part 1.   Click the 2nd logo to join part 2 in May!

The whole event is going to be amazing!  There will be hundreds and hundreds of $$ worth of FREE door prizes, downloads, handouts, and seminars for ONLY $24.97 (will be $39.95 as we get closer to the event). How awesome is that price??? 

There are over 100 seminars for you to take advantage of, and all from the comfort of your own home!!  If you can’t be there that day, no problem – all of the sessions are recorded and available through the membership once you purchase your ticket!

If you buy your ticket now, you get several extra amazing downloadable ebooks!  Go check it out!  See you there!

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