Amazing Holiday Fun

I have the pleasure to be participating in (as a speaker!) and promoting one of the most original events ever presented to the homeschool community. The Ultimate Homeschool Expo: Fall Event!   Here are my two topics:  (1) Lapbooking – Hands-On Fun For the Holidays and (2) Living & Leaving a Legacy: Traditions Across the Generations.  Don’t miss them!!  I’ll be giving away lots of freebies!!! So will all of the other speakers – over 50 speakers!!

This seminar series is Christ focused with talks that will inspire and motivate you to prioritize, organize, and create lasting memories with your family. With 35+ speakers and 50 seminars this set is sure to become a keepsake for years to come.

Each of the preview seminars are taped live yet in order to receive the full impact of the event a special, members only website is being created specifically for this event. Each of the audio presentations are recorded in mp3 format for ease of listening on your hand-held device or on your computer. Each live event includes an original presentation as well as door prizes and coupon discounts.

You are invited to this one of a kind event. As a special gift to you, the speakers all participated in a Memory Keepsake for the holidays. Each speaker contributed a recipe and/or holiday tradition or memory to share with you! This wonderful book will be treasured and you will enjoy the wonderful heart felt well wishes from each of these speakers.  It is FREE to participants!

The members-only website contains a grab bag full of product discounts from an array of speakers and sponsors as well as free eBooks, downloads, articles, presentation handouts and of course the audio seminar presentations from each of the featured guest speakers. These contain original productions created specifically for this event.

Please join your host, Felice Gerwitz and guests, for the first ever Fall event. . . and the fourth year of presentations from the Ultimate Homeschool Expo.

For only $19.97, you will receive hundreds and hundreds of $$ worth of products that will help you to keep Christ at the center of your holidays.  OR, you can get the membership that is for 2 people (you and a friend) for $29.97!!!  That’s a savings of $5.00 each!  Even if you can’t be present for the live events, ALL of the information and freebies will be available on the members-only website!

HERE are SOME of the session topics (and if you have missed any, you can still get them on the members-only site!):

*September 30, 2010:

1.  9:00 am with Tara Jenner: Scheduling for the Holidays and Your Future

2.  Noon: with Cyndi Kinney: Creating Lapbooks and Memories

*October 5, 2010

1.  9:00 pm with Regina Hicks: EZ-Bake Ovens and Wood Burning Kits

*October 7, 2010

1.  10:00 am with Jo Jo Tabares: FUNschooling

2.  2:00 pm with Felice Gerwitz: Celebrating the Holidays without Guilt

*October 12, 2010

1.  7:00 pm with Cindy West: A Different December

2.  9:00 pm with Sue Pruett: Living Books for the Holidays

*October 14, 2010

1.  10:00 am Carol Topp: Unplug the Christmas Machine

2.  Noon:  Laurie Neuman: How to Run a Home Business through the Holidays

3.  2:00 pm: Sherri Johnson: Staring in Your Own SitCom/Reality Show

4.  4:00 pm: Cris and Katherine Loop: Keep Christ Focused During the Holidays

*October 19, 2010

1.  1:00 pm: Andrew Pudewa: Interview with Felice Gerwitz on Music

2.  2:30 pm: Andrew Pudewa: Boys, Academics and the Holidays

3.  7:00 pm: Vikki Goedmaker: A Different Holiday Season

4.  9:00 pm: Lee Binz: Christmas Presents that pay for College

*October 21

1.  10:00 am: Lorrie Flem: Thanksgiving is an Action/Being Verb

2.  Noon: Lori Lane: Handel’s Messiah a Unit Study

3.  2:00 pm: Cathy Jamie: Down to Earth Holiday Ideas

4.  4:00 pm: Becky Develle: Protecting Precious PreSchoolers from Educational and Holiday Predicaments

*October 26, 2010

1.  7:00 pm: Candace Allgood: Hands-On and Handmade Celebrating with Little Ones

2.  9:00 pm: Meredith Curtis: Christmas Unit Studies

*October 27, 2010

1.  2:00 pm: Lois Graham: Christ Centered Celebrations Thanksgiving and Christmas

2.  4:00 pm: Regina Hicks

3.  7:00 pm: Kendal Hicks

4.  9:00 pm: Molly Evert: Preparing Hearts for Christmas

*October 28, 2010

1.  10:00 am: Lorrie Flem: Celebrate: Looking Behind Christmas to See What is Ahead

2.  Noon: Kathy Kuhl: Most Wonderful Distractible Time of the Year

3.  2:00 pm: Janice Campbell: Multiple Streams of Income

4.  4:00 pm: Hal and Melanie Young: Where’s Roy Rogers When You Need Him?

*November 4, 2010

1.  10:00 am: Beth Jones: Kids Foused on Christ

2.  Noon: Susan Scott: Unwrapping Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts

3.  2:00 pm: Susan Evans: Fun Bonding Activities for Christmas Time

4.  4:00 pm: Dayna Martin: Unschooling During the Holidays

*November 11, 2010

1.  10:00 am. TBA

2.  Noon: Cyndi Kinney: Living & Leaving a Legacy: Traditions Across the Generations

3.  2:00 pm: Cindy West: A Different December School Schedule

4.  4:00  pm: Meredith Curtis: Holiday Hospitality Plan

5.  7:00 pm: Terri Johnson: Mastering Your Scheudule

6.  9:00 pm: Mary Jo Tate

*November 12, 2010

1.  10:00 Sherri Johnson: Don’t Cry Over Spilled School Books

2.  Noon: TBA

3.  2:00 pm: Janice Campbell: Making Time for the Things That Matter

4.  4:00 pm: JoJo Tabares: Family Activities to Foster Communication

5.  7:00 pm: TBA

6.  9:00 pm: Bethany LeBedz: Ten Steps to an Organized and Christ Centered Holiday Season

*November 13, 2010

1.  10:00 am: Shiela Carrol: Calling Off School and Other Creative Ideas

2.  Noon: Vicki Bently: Holidays as Homeschool Curriculum

3.  2:00 pm: Christine Field: Mom’s Pain

4.  4:00 pm: Susan Scott: Unwrapping Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts

5.  7:00 pm: Kerry Beck:

6.  9:00 pm: Hal and Melanie Young

Don’t wait!  Get your ticket to this even today to get the most for your money!  Here’s the link:

Ultimate Homeschool Fall Expo



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