Keeping Christ as the Focus of the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas should be times of celebration – celebration of our amazing Creator. They should be happy times, when we can truly enjoy our families and honor God. Right?

The holidays are usually such a hectic time of year for everyone.  Sometimes, it’s hard to feel like we actually accomplish anything that we can “count” as school during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know that I personally struggle with the temptation to just cancel school for the last couple of weeks of November and all of December…..but then I feel guilty for even having the thought.

Another area where I struggle during these particular holidays is commercialization.  Everywhere I go, I see so many brightly colored and even animated symbols of Thanksgiving and Christmas….from talking turkeys to Santa Clause.  I find myself allowing all of those worldly holiday symbols to truly cloud my mind, and suddenly the holidays seem like they are about spending money and buying gifts.

In America, it seems that so many holidays have become very commercialized and that people have forgotten that Christ should be at the center of the celebrations.  Our culture has slowly but surely neglected the true history of most holidays, attacking the basic principles of the Bible.  This has happened because of censorship and the push for political correctness.

So, we need to find a way to make sure that our children are learning the TRUE meanings of Thanksgiving and Christmas…..but while still being educated and keeping their hearts and minds focused on God.
These can be happy times, filled with amazing memories and family experiences…..while still educating your children and staying true to our Biblical standards.  Does that sound impossible?  Or does it sound like it’s just too much to try and plan?  It doesn’t have to be complicated .

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