What I Learned in Florida

As most of you know by now, my daughter and I have spent the last week in Florida, working with my publisher, Felice from Media Angels.  Well, it has been quite an exciting trip!  Yes, we worked MOST of the time, but we also had some fun.  In fact, thanks to her family….. I learned a lot…. Here is what I learned:
1.  If you are 12, you can do it all by yourself.
2.  “Yes Ma’am” isn’t appreciated (or even pronounced correctly) by everyone.
3.  God has the BEST timing.  Always wait on it.  There is “good,” better,” and “best.”   God will deliver “best” in his timing.
4.  Hot glue is called “hot” glue for a reason.
5.  Salt water burns your eyes.
6.  Shells with critters in them stink the next day.
7.  Photographs add at least 20 pounds.
8.  Big Girl Scissors are for not always available, so you should learn to use the ones that are made for 2 year olds just in case.
9.  Eating dessert EVERY night will result in your pants not fitting.
10.  Italians are loud and eat a lot.
11.  Sand burns your feet, so you should wear shoes.
12.  Running down the beach in a Speedo should be illegal.
13.  Nude sunbathing is prohibited, even if there isn’t a sign.
14.  Sand should NEVER be in certain places on your body.
15.  Duct tape was the coolest invention ever.
16.  There IS someone (although she is VERY small) who talks more than I do.
17.  Feeding seagulls is not a good idea…. although I still don’t understand why.
18.  NOT everyone understands the REAL meaning of “hokey pokey.”
Now, many of these lessons will only be understood by those within the Gerwitz household…. but I’m sure you can use your imagination.
Seriously, I ate way more in the last week than I had eaten in the entire month prior to my Florida visit.  It was amazing….but now sits on my hips.
Shelby and I left this morning, heading back to Louisiana.  Tonight, we stopped in Mobile, Alabama to spend the night and will finish our trek tomorrow.
So, as promised, the 50% off Ebook Sale will end tomorrow night.  Hurry to the website, and fill your cart!  Tell your friends!

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