Hurricane Estrogen ~ aka “Girls’ Trip May 2010″

So…many of you know that we went on another one of our “Girls’ Trips” last weekend.  Well, it definitely was a TRIP…is more ways than one!  We had SO much fun.  My mom, her 2 sisters, 3 of my cousins, and my daughter all met in Little Rock, Arkansas, at my cousin’s house…and the fun started there.

My cousin’s husband and their son had vacated the premises before we arrived….because they FEARED “Hurricane Estrogen” in their home.  Well, their fears were warranted…let me tell you!   They would NOT have been around for THAT!

Our family loves to play games and eat, so we spent the majority of our time doing exactly that…but we threw in double portions of laughter.  Sometimes, we didn’t even know what we were laughing at….  We also watched a Tim Hawkins DVD, about which I am still laughing today.

We did come up with a new game idea for “Girls’ Weekends.”  We figured instead of “Candyland,” we’ll call it, “Pantyland.”  We discussed lots of interesting spaces that could be on the game board…and lots of fun cards we could include.  We would have Midol Cards to get you out of the PMS Swamp board spaces, and it would involve lots of chocolate.  We’re still working on it….so look for it in stores soon! (or at least on my blog….)

One of the nights, we went to a Japanese steak house, which was a HOOT!  2 of my aunts had never been to one (yes, we live in the woods), so we were SO lucky to get Eric as our chef!

He really did a show for them!

He even pulled out a “Japanese fireman” to put out the grill fire… ummm….I don’t know quite how to put this…but let’s just say it was quite interesting how he put out the fire.  I’ll leave it at that.  He did ask if he could come home with us.  He seemed quite interested in my daughter……..

Samari Eric

Samari Eric

On Sunday, we went to an outdoor church service that was held at Pinacle Mountain.  It was AMaZING!  And guess what?  I met a lady named Candace….from Conway, Arkansas….and found out that she and I had been communicating via email for the past few months regarding a lapbook seminar!  What a small world!  Here we are:

Candace & I

Candace & I

It was an AWESOME weekend, TOTALLY blessed by God!

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