1st Day in Cincinnati

We arrived in Cincinnati on Wednesday night………after a 14 hour drive in a van with 3 certifiably crazy girls!!!  My daughter, mom, and aunt came with me, and that always makes for a lot of fun. We truly got educated on the way here!  We stopped at a gas station to get a snack, and my daughter wanted one of these rib sandwiches….and then we looked at the outside of the wrapper…. The brand was “Big Az.”  So……sorry to say……Shelby had a Big Az Rib Sandwich.  Yea.  She found it to be hilarious.  I’m still not laughing.

On the first night here, as we drove into town, it was just starting to get dark.  We were in awe of the city’s skyline.  It was SO beautiful.  My daughter thought we were pretty funny.  She put on her Facebook status something like, “You know you’re a bunch of hicks when you drive into a city and are amazed by all of the buildings and stores.”  I didn’t think that was funny……was it??  After we checked in, we walked around a little downtown a little.  Shelby still needs a prom dress for the homeschool banquet/prom, so we thought maybe we’d do some shopping here.  Well, the only stores we could find downtown were Macy’s (and this store no longer has a Juniors Department) and a Sax Fifth Avenue ($$$$$$).  So, on Thursday morning, after setting up the booth, we went into both of those stores, but no luck.  So, when we leave Cincinnati on Sunday, we plan to find a REAL mall and let her do some shopping.

I took some good pictures, but now my camera is in the van, which is parked for the weekend in a garage that my feet hurt too bad to walk to….so I’ll have to add some pictures later.  For now, here is a picture of my mom at my booth after we finished setting it up:

Amy Wert (my Facebook friend) and her family came down to help out with the booth and audio visuals for my sessions.  They are PRECIOUS!    It’s so awesome to get to know some of my customers!  What a lifesaver they have been already!!

My session on Thursday evening was “Basic Lapbooking.”  I couldn’t possibly stand still, so I left no notes on the podium and walked around “flying by the seat of my pants.”  I felt like I just made it up as I went along!  But, AMEN!  Somehow, God seems to always give me the words……sometimes He even gives me TOO many words!!!  Speaking is like one of my favorite things to do!!!

After the convention was over last night, we wanted something to eat, since the concession stands were closed.  We ended up only being able to find 1 restaurant that was open, and it was in the hotel across the street.  We went in and went to the host…who told us there was a 20 minute wait for the restaurant, but that we could sit in the bar area with no wait.  As hungry and ready to sit down as we were, we opted for the bar area.  Well, as soon as we pulled up chairs to the bar, the bartender said, “You have to be 21 or over to sit at the bar.”  For a minute, I wanted to flatter myself and say, “Oh, I’m over 21.  Thanks.  I get that ALL the time!”  But……obviously, he was talking about my 15 year old daughter.  So, I explained that the host sent us to the bar so we wouldn’t have to wait….and he said, “Well, he should have known that.  You can sit over there,” while pointing to a table a few feet away.  So, we got settled at our new spot, and the waitress came over after about 5 minutes and told us, “You can’t sit in here after 10:00 PM unless you are 21 or over.  You’ll have to sit in the restaurant.”  I explained how we managed to get to this table, and she wasn’t caring much….just wanted us to move.  So, she said that she would go put our names on the list for a table and try to get us bumped up since we had been in the restaurant so long already.  20 minutes later, we were still sitting at the forbidden table.  The host finally came over to us and said that we could be seated now, “but it’s going to be a long wait on food because we are really busy.”  At this point, we just decided to leave and order room service.  We had already been there 45 minutes….and were now going to have to wait over an hour more for food.  So, we came back to the room and called room service…..and they were closed.  So, we called a pizza place and placed an order…..then they said, “We’re running behind tonight, so it will be at least an hour and 15 minutes until we get the pizza out to you.”  I was beginning to think that there was some kind of conspiracy to starve me to death or something.  Anyway….food finally arrived at almost midnight!

Today’s sessions will be “Lapbooking With Math and Science” and then “Lapbooking With History.”  Maybe I can follow my notes a little better at these!  I doubt it….

We were able to get tickets to see Tim Hawkins for tonight at 8:30!  Shelby and I are SOOOO excited!!!

Gotta look over my presentations……more later!


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