Diet Update 2-22-10

Well…..I have been doing this diet for about 5 days…and Mondays are “weigh in” days.  So, as I wrote in our weight loss egroup, I was so ambivalent about getting on those scales….Excited/Dreadful all at the same

time.  I hate scales!  I started wishing that mine was broken.

So….I slowly creeped onto the scale….one toe at a time.  Then, after I got
on it, I just looked out the window….refusing to look down at the numbers.  I wanted to keep my head in the sand….or put it in a bag or Doritos (as one girl in our egroup said). I  actually found myself wanting to make a deal with God……Please let me have  lost weight this week, and I promise that I’ll be nicer to Cathy.  Isn’t that  stupid???

Well, I lost 1 pound….so I guess I gotta be nice to Cathy now! LOL!!

1 pound….not extremely exciting….but that was with me not really being used
to any point counting….and I was out of town for 3 days and had to rely on a
lot of meals that were prepared by others and fast food.  So….considering
that…..1 pound is probably about right.

Blessings for a great day!

I’m off to call Cathy and encourage her….


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