Duck Tape, Anyone??

I must have the most talented daughter on the planet.  Seriously.  No….I’m telling the truth.

You know how I know this?  She brought me something this morning that left me speechless.  Now, if ANY of you have EVER met me, you know that ME “speechless” is like the night sky without stars….or Mom without Chloe…it just doesn’t happen.

So….Shelby came into my office and said, “Look what I made last night.”  She proceeded to show me some RIDICULOUS items that she made from DUCK TAPE! (not “duct” tape….but “duck” tape)

Here are a few pictures:

Duck tape bouquet cimg3287


cimg3289 cimg3293


Aren’t this the coolest things????  The flowers are SO detailed.  The last 2 pics are of a wallet.  It even has POCKETS inside!  There’s a big, long pocket that’s for bills, and then there are 2 small pockets.

Anyway…maybe something is wrong with me (actually, I’m pretty sure of that), but I thought these little creations were SO cool!

She is SOOOOOO gifted!  You think she can get a scholarship for this??

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