Offended? Why???

Were you offended?

Last week in my newsletter (and on this blog), I wrote about my mother’s ridiculously SPOILED dog.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can find it HERE on my blog. (It’s 2 posts below this one).

Well, I received an email from someone who was VERY offended by my writings.  This person said that I was being insensitive to my mother’s needs…..that my mother was obviously very lonely……that my daughter needed to have lunch each week with my mom……that I belittled my mom……that my mom obviously doesn’t feel wanted, desired, and needed……that my mother shouldn’t have to go to such extreme measures to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Ok….so if any of you share those feelings, I’m sorry.  However, I assure you that MY MOTHER LOVES this whole process!  She LOVES that I wrote about her and Princess Chloe in my newsletter.  In fact, she had a house full of company this past weekend, and she actually printed out the newsletter and read it to everyone and was very happy when they all laughed and teased her.  This is a standing joke in our family – and my mother loves it.

I love my mom more than anything….and we have an amazing relationship….as do she and my daughter.  My mom isn’t lacking in attention, belonging, or purpose.  She is a VERY secure, fun, exciting, vibrant woman who LOVES to be the center of attention – especially in my newsletters.  Here she is.  Isn’t she beautiful??


PLEASE…….PLEASE realize that my “Redhead Ramblings” are ALWAYS very “off the cuff.”  I don’t sit down and write, re-write, proofread, etc. when I write these newsletters.  I just sit down at the computer and type whatever flows out.  No backspaces and no deletes.  I write from my heart.  Sometimes, it isn’t what someone wants to hear.  Sometimes, it isn’t politically correct.  Sometimes, it isn’t even appropriate, I would guess.  However, it’s always REAL.  I don’t pretend to be some “La Ti Da” publisher who has a life that is better than everyone who reads and uses my products.  I’m a country girl with opinions that I don’t mind sharing.  Most people appreciate that….but if it offends you……then it will probably continue to offend you….so you probably shouldn’t read it.  However, I am USUALLY humble…and if you write to me with your objections to my words, I can step back and take a look and evaluate them.  My intention is not to offend….but to BE REAL.  I don’t hide behind the PhD at the end of my name.  It’s only letters, and I am a real person.

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