Why Copywork?

Why Copywork?

By Cyndi Kinney, R.N., Ph. D

How is your child’s spelling? How about their vocabulary and penmanship? Do they enjoy history? Well……if any of these is a problem in your homeschool, then your have GOT to try Copywork!

Copywork is a great way to teach your children about literature and history without the pressure of a textbook. By copying passages from classics or historical documents, children learn many areas of the language arts also. Children have the opportunity to be exposed to great writers and facts, while learning spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and creative writing from the “Masters.” Most classical education programs and also the Charlotte Mason style recommend copywork as an intricate part of educating children, and many actually use copywork in place of traditional language arts programs.

By copying passages two to three days per week (or more), your children will come to learn and possibly even memorize some of the greatest literature from our history. While penmanship is important, the knowledge that they are gaining through the copywork is what is most important.  However, do encourage your children to take pride in their penmanship.

Also, instruct them in the importance of the “art” of spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and creative writing. With some practice, they will begin to “imitate” the masters in their own personal writing.

The amount of recall of spelling and punctuation rules will amaze you! My daughter has always had trouble in these areas, until we started copywork! Wow, what a difference! Besides that, I have found my daughter using words in her vocabulary and writing that I didn’t know she knew!

Maybe you might even want to allow your child to use math facts as copywork…that works too! Poetry and scriptures are other wonderful texts for copywork, and most children will actually end up memorizing them through their copywork.

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