Sale to Benefit Children of Sierra Leone

Redhead Ramblings…
My husband has been working for many years on
a project, and today, I learned that he and I will be
traveling to Africa for 3 weeks at the
end of this month.

Traveling to Africa is a two fold mission for
us, with one of these missions being working to
benefit the many people who are in need.  For us,
this is first the children (orphanages), and then the defenseless poor.
This location in AFrica is and has been the center of the conflicts, especially their children.

They have taken lives and suffered themselves in
great ways.  So, there are great social needs just from
the past wars.

With the peace they are now enjoying, this is an
opportune time to aid in the rebuilding process.
Can we alone help them all? No.  However, as the
starfish on the beach story goes, we can make a
difference to at least one and then two.

We will be visiting orphanages in Africa, where we will
spend time with thechildren discussed above.
We are planning to takegifts to these children.
We will make it our personal
priority to help the under-privileged.

So what does this have to do with YOU??  Well, we
sent out a newsletter a couple of days ago, and we
announced a sale.  However, in light of this NEW
development, we have decided that ALL of the
proceeds from our current sale will go toward this
trip and mission.

If there is anything at all that you need for your next
school year, PLEASE consider purchasing it now,
during this sale to benefit Sierra Leone’s children.
You can enjoy 50% off on all of your ebook and CD
purchases (excluding Henty Audios) during this
next week. Code is given below!

Remember that we have lapbooks, copywork, and
notebooking pages that cover Modesty, Government,
Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation, Colonial
Times, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome,
Astronomy, Automobiles, Respected American
Women, Starter Lapbook Kits,  Abraham Lincoln,
ALL of Jeannie Fulbright (Apologia) ‘s “Exploring
Creation” Science Series, Patience, Respect,
Basic Cooking, American Girls Kirstin, Addition Math
Facts, George Washignton, Benjamin Franklin, ALL
Holidays, and MORE~!

If you do not need any lapbooks, copywork notebooks,
notebooking pages, Charlotte Mason Planner, Timeline
Notebooks, Activity Books, etc., then we ask that you let
others know about the sale/benefit.  Also, we ask for your
prayers for our trip and for those children that we will will

Thanks so much in advance for helping us to reach
this mission field.


Cyndi Kinney, R.N., Ed. D.
Knowledge Box Central


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