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Redhead Ramblings…

Ok…so I’m sure that in every family, there are a few “interesting” individuals?  Right?  Well…maybe there are more than just a few even (obviously the case in my family).  For some reason, these “interesting” ones seem to be mostly the females ( I know…really hard to believe, right?).

Well, just to make things a little more interesting, our family has “Girls Only” trips a couple of times a year…..and tomorrow, we leave for one of those trips.  For most normal families, it would probably be just a nice, quiet, relaxed trip, where the girls talk about memories, eat good meals, and stroll along the sidewalks, window shopping.  The key word in that last sentence was “normal.”

The last time this particular group of girls went on any sort of trip together, we provided quite a bit of entertainment for many.  The main problem was that my cousin, Terry, went on the trip…and she will be on this one too.  See, she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and so am I.  After a few hours of laughing and “talking smack,” we decided that it would be a great idea for us to determine who could kick whose rear.  Obviously, we were joking around, but still….pride was on the line.  So, we proceeded to make our own sparring mat and both climbed onto the king sized bed and began to grapple.  Note to self:  2 grown healthy-sized women should never wrestle on a sparring mat that is 2 feet off the floor and bounces.

Another crazy one that will be on the trip is Shelia – now you should all remember this one.  She is the one who almost cried and shook herself to death when we stopped at Loretta’s Lynn’s ranch on the way to the convention in Nashville, TN a few weeks ago!

And then there is my mom…..the one who got locked outside the hotel in her Christmas pajamas on that same convention trip this past May.

Of course, my aunt Pat probably thinks that she is “off the hook” in this little story.  I’m sure she thinks that because she is so gentle and kind, nobody would EVER think she would cause any trouble on a “girls only” trip.  ROFL!!!!  Are you kidding me?  This is the same lady who ate dog food one Christmas at our house because she thought it was some of my mom’s healthy granola snack mix!

So, over the next few days, keep an eye on my blog.  Actually, I’m not sure that will be a great idea for some….   I’ll be blogging about our adventures, I’m sure.

South Louisiana….watch out……cuz here we come!!!!!

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