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This past weekend, we attended my dad’s family’s “Family Reunion.”  What a great time we had!   I think that I had more fun this year than any year in the past!  I think part of the reason why I had such an amazing time was because I took some time to really sit back and observe.

Usually, I find myself being critical of different people and how they have chosen to live their lives….sad, but true.  However, this year, I watched those same people and witnessed genuine love for one another.  I realized that their differences make them who they REALLY are.  I had never really taken the time to see that in the past.  So this time, I got to know my relatives in a whole new light…the people they REALLY are…and I found an amazing appreciation for them.

My dad’s family REALLY loves each other.  I mean, we all say we love our family member…but these people (MY people) love each other the way God intended for us to love each other.  They have that “warts and all” kind of love that I am sad to say I don’t always have for others.   Some talk funny, walk funny, wear their hair funny, have weird habits, talk too much, dress funny, talk about weird things, like weird music, smell funny, have weird kids, and on and on.  But guess what???  I’m sure a lot of people think I talk funny, walk funny, wear my hair funny, have weird habits, talk to much, dress funny, talk about weird things, like weird music, smell funny, and have weird kids!  So instead of being critical of all of that, I feel like I have learned a lot about tolerance, patience, and REAL love.

As I think about my dad and his family, I also find myself thinking of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday.  I’ve racked my brain about what to get my dad and my husband, men who seem to have everything they need. Then, I had a friend ask me for advice for her hubby’s Father’s Day gift….and suddenly an idea popped into my head!  Want to know what it was??

How about a Lapbook card for Dad?  I’m not talking about the regular lapbook with lots of folders glued together.  I’m talking about a very simple 3-dimensional card that will touch his heart!

First, just start with a regular piece of colored paper or cardstock.  Then fold it in half like a regular card.  Now the fun begins!  Get several pieces of paper in different colors. Create different folded booklets out of each color of paper.  (If you need help coming up with booklets or shapes, you could use our Starter Pack (24 booklets), our Mega Pack #1 (50 different booklets with black and white graphics), or our Mega Pack #2 (50 different booklets with colored graphics – different booklets than Mega Pack #1)).

So what do you do with the booklets after you get them folded??  Allow your children to have FUN with this part!  Let them draw pictures inside the booklets.  maybe you could glue pictures inside them.  Write poetry.  Copy existing poetry.  Write words that make you think of him.  Write little sentences that tell why you love him so much.  Write about great memories that you have had with him.  Write about plans for the future.  Maybe glue in baby pictures.  The possibilities are endless!

Give it a try!!  Let him know that you care, and do it in a way that he will cherish and be able to remember for years to come!

Cyndi Kinney, R.N., Ed. D.
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