Update on my cousin, Noah – Please pray

I just received this email from my cousin, Malinda (Noah’s Mom).  Please pray for them.  If you don’t know about him, please read the poste below this one.  he is an 11 year old amazing little boy who won a trip to Turkey and is there NOW!  Here is Malinda’s prayer request/update:

I just had a call from Noah, and he’s not feeling well.  The chaperone said he has a fever and stomach ache, and he’s going to take Noah to the doctor.

After talking to Noah, my mom guess is that he’s just exhausted.  This happens to him at home when he’s gone too long without sleep.  He said they’ve been staying up until midnight every night and then running hard during the day.

Please pray that he feels better soon and that it’s nothing serious.  It’s hard to be here and not be able to give him a hug, so you might pray for me and Donald, too.


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