Male and Female PLUMBING??

Ok….something has been really bugging me for years…..and I’ve finally had enough….so I gotta ramble.

I am pretty sure that a MAN came up with the whole concept of categorizing/naming plumbing parts.  WHY in the WORLD would these things be called “male” and “female?”

When my husband sent me to the hardware store to get some stuff about a month ago, I was too embarrassed to even ask for help.  How can I tell a young boy employee of the store that I need a “male” part??

Obviously, I understand the whole thing and why they are called those names…but isn’t that disgusting???  Why do we have to have that vision in our heads every time we go to buy plumbing parts???

How am I going to teach my daughter about this stuff……without having her seeing this mental picture of male and female plumbing parts???  Do I explain that “this part is called a male because it fits inside the part that’s called a female?”  OMG!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

Plumbing parts are NOT sexual!!!  At least they aren’t supposed to be!! OMG!  This just really, really, really must be the work of Satan.  How many years ago were these part descriptions determined?  And did this man silently thing, “Hee Hee Hee!  I’ll make everyone think about sex, even when they are repairing the sink!”



Male and Female PLUMBING?? — 1 Comment

  1. I know right!!!!
    I have been trying to find out just exactly WHO decided to name these parts male and female…..nothing yet….

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