Multiple Sclerosis – YUCK!

Well…today, I feel like Multiple Sclerosis is winning.  I hate this stupid disease.  I feel like I’m doing great…so I schedule lots of fun.  Then, when I’m not looking, it rears its ugly head and reminds me that I cannot do everything that I want to do.  How fair is that?  My mind wants to do all sorts of things…but my body rebels.  Don’t try to tell me that I should eat more veggies…take more vitamins…get more exercise.  That’s not how M.S. works.  M.S. tricks you into thinking that you are on top of the world…and then pulls the rug out from under you right before a really important event in your life.  M.S. has great timing and doesn’t care about your heart.

M.S. sucks.

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