Multiple Sclerosis is Slowing Me Down

I’ve had several phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages asking WHY I wasn’t speaking at any conventions this year.  Well… as difficult as it is to admit….. my MS is really slowing me down.  Getting to a convention is not a problem…. travel is easy still.  However, the loading and unloading of supplies as well as the standing on my feet for long periods of time… not to mention the miles of walking it seems like I was having to do in order to get to my session rooms… have just become too much.  So, I have chosen to spend my time writing… it’s what I love.  I don’t do it for money… just because I love to create… and it helps to keep me sane. So, I haven’t left you.. I’m still here… just not in person.  Feel free to continue to contact me and let me know if there are any educational materials that you would like me to design for you!  Meanwhile, pray for a cure for this horrible disease.



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