Aplogia Flash Cards

Apologia Vocabulary Flash Cards

by Knowledge Box Central

Flash Cards have been around for what seems like forever.  The very first Flash Cards were actually the hornbooks, which were brought to the American colonies by the English settlers and widely used until the early 1800′s when paper became more readily available.  They have been proven for many years to be a great way to help students to memorize certain facts.  When these facts come from really challenging curriculum like Apologia Science, Flash Cards are even more valuable.


If you have ever used any of the Apologia middle and high school science books, you know how important the vocabulary words are.  These vocabulary words are truly the KEY ingredients to doing well on the tests.  Once the student has mastered the vocabulary words, he is able to better understand all of the concepts within each module.

There are SO many benefits to using Apologia Flash Cards:

*They are portable!  You can take Flash Cards with you ANYWHERE!  When you have 5 extra minutes while waiting in line at a store, riding in the car to the bank, waiting at the doctor’s office, or waiting for a commercial to be over, you can be learning with them!

 *They are reusable!  Once you have a set of Flash Cards, you can use them over and over.  Take them to your co-op, and share them!  Keep them for next year!

 *They are FUN!  Who doesn’t love a game, right?  Turn up the fun value in any subject with a little competition.  Students can create a simple question and answer game or a full blown Jeopardy-style game show!

*They WORK!  Flash cards provide the repetition that your student needs in order to master these vocabulary words.  Your student will also increase his comfort and familiarity with the material, which makes it much more likely that your student will do well on the tests.  Another reason that Flash Cards work so well is because they are something that you student can actually TOUCH, which is very important in increasing information retention.

Let Knowledge Box Central help your student to improve test scores and information retention with these Apologia Vocabulary Flash Cards.  You may choose from Flash Cards for General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Marine Biology, Human Body, and Physics.  Let the FUN and improved test scores begin!



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