Day 12 ~ KBC’s 12 Days of Christmas FREE Booklets & Lapbook


Welcome to Knowledge Box Central’s “12 Days of Christmas” celebration!

We will give away 2 of the booklets from our Christmas Symbols Lapbook each day! If you come back EVERY day, you will end up with ALL of the booklets you need to create our Christmas Symbols Lapbook! Links WILL EXPIRE at 10 AM each day, when we will post the NEXT day’s booklets. This means that each day’s booklets will ONLY be available for 24 hours!!!

Here is a picture of the assembled lapbook you will create at the end of the 12 days IF you return and download each day’s FREE booklets:

** Download Instructions & Study Guide HERE (expires at the end of the 12 days)

** Download DAY 12 Booklets HERE (expires in 24 hours – will NOT be available after 10 AM tomorrow – PLEASE do not email or comment, asking for these links. They will NO longer be available after expiration on this blog.

Thanks for celebrating with us!!

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